-Space weather

NOAA Space Weather

US Space Weather official plan.
Let’s DEMAND now Laser Humankind Shielding!!! The Department of State is committing to hosting a series of international workshops and meetings, based in DC, to increase international collaboration around space-weather preparedness. https://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2015/10/28/enhancing-national-preparedness-space-weather-events

Geomagnetic activity forecast


2 Hour Data

6 Hour Data

24 Hour Data

3 Day Data

KP index



OULU cosmic ray monitor

- NASA 2012-14 near-miss geomagnetic super-storm DEMAND DRILLdoomsday clock SHIELD plain

2015-5-23 FROZEN electro-Jet Stream India-Moscow 2010

NASA 30-10-2015 Antarctic ICE-RISE

The first of the last 3 BLACK-OUTS caused by AVERTABLE NOW geomagnetic superstorm (1989-Quebec, 2003-Sweden, 2005-GPS):

The Day the Sun Brought Darkness

Solar cycle forecast for weak solar activity that will permit more (REPELLABLE) cosmic rays to hit Earth and stimulate atmosphere-magma

solar cycles 3-6 22-25 volcanic winters



Τhe solar wind’s flow adds to the modulation of the flow of galactic cosmic rays in the solar system, and the stimulation they produce to Earth’s atmosphere and magma.Solar Wind Flow Pressure 1967 – 2015Shaviv Prokoph Veizer 2014 Sun-Earth GALACTIC climate f-ee

Is the Solar System’s Galactic Motion Imprinted in the Phanerozoic Climate?

2 quakes-volcanism rise -51oC USA


Arctic sea ice ‘to melt by 2015′ – TelegraphSHARE and RESCUE! ONLINE: Earth SHIELDING to REPEL Deadly Space Electricity-Multilingual-65 languages

Earth SHIELDING to REPEL Deadly Space Electricity-Multilingual-65 languages



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