SHIELD Earth from space threats, as we do with lightning-rods & spacecraft/satellite shielding!

Harvard Earth Shield linksPelton Jakhu 2017 vindicated SHIELDS global_space_governance_-executive_summary_and_key_proposed_actions COVERESA chief SECURE life on Earth 5-2017Laser-plasma simulations to Probe Stars' Magnetic Fields 20-7-2017

Putin Shield 9-11-2017

NOBEL NOMINATED & adopted by NASA, but for …Mars!…

65 languages pdf:  Laser Earth SHIELD to REPEL deadly space electricity and asteroids-65 languagesestablishment EU LES

Mars proposed L1 shield 1-3-2017An altruist scientific group proposed already in world congresses a man-made electromagnetic Laser Earth SHIELDING for magma mitigation/averting devastating volcanic disasters/geomagnetic superstorms/magnetic pole reversal! A UNIQUE opportunity for world TRUCE and anti-fatalist life! VINDICATED!!! ONE STEP CLOSER!!! We are forced by nature to start Laser Plasma-Shielding Earth eventually!!! NEW US LAW-CALL for global cooperation to ESCAPE EXTINCTION by ALL NUKES’ EXPLOSION: National Space Weather Strategy Released for Public Comment | NOAA / NWS Space Weather
SHARE and RESCUE! ONLINE: Earth SHIELDING to REPEL Deadly Space Electricity-Multilingual-65 languages

Earth SHIELDING to REPEL Deadly Space Electricity-Multilingual-65 languages

 The Space Review: Planetary defense to avert global economic crisis
Earth Shield PROVENLY FEASIBLE!!! PD 1-2016 LANL-SpaceReview-IAA

- NASA 2012-14 near-miss geomagnetic super-storm DEMAND DRILL
Sun EXTERNALLY powered LES 8-2017

Australia gov pm LASER SHIELDING proposal 4-2015-laser-earth-crater-shields-stop-collapse-les

centenarians Metchnikoff Altruism

Human Earth Shield EOS 12-2015International Space Station may get laser cannon [SIMILAR to our proposal!] to shoot down orbiting debris: 

petroglyphs Scott Peratt 2003-8 Timaeus providence-centenarian 1908RECp